How Boutique Lenders Can Grow with CaptaFi

May 19, 2023By software supportBusiness, CRM, Marketing

Introduction Boutique lenders are small, independent lenders specializing in a particular niche market. They often have a more personalized approach to lending than larger banks or credit unions. However, boutique lenders can also face challenges, such as managing a growing volume of leads and borrowers, tracking loan performance, and complying with regulations.  An Agency Management … Read More

How To Grow Your Mortgage Business With Testimonials

January 3, 2023By software supportBusiness

Grow Your Mortgage Business With Testimonials If you’re in the business of mortgages, you know that word of mouth can be a powerful tool for gaining clients. Testimonials are one of the best ways to get potential clients to understand why they should choose your services over those of your competitors. Testimonials can help you … Read More

Mortgage Pipeline Management Software for Unpredictable Economic Times

December 30, 2022By software supportBusiness, Management Software

Introduction As the economic climate becomes more unpredictable, mortgage brokers need a cost-effective way to manage their business.  Affordable mortgage pipeline management software, such as CaptaFi, offers a solution to help these professionals stay on top of their operations.  In this article, we will explore the benefits of using this type of software. Increased Efficiency … Read More

Integrated e-Signature Software

December 23, 2022By software supportBusiness, CRM

In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that more businesses are turning to e-signatures, or e-sign for short, to streamline their business processes.  Integrated e-signature software helps companies save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Here are just a few of the advantages of integrating e-sign into your existing CRM software. Cost Savings: Businesses can … Read More

Mortgage Brokers and their Software

December 23, 2022By software supportBusiness, CRM, Lead Management

What do Mortgage Brokers do? Mortgage Brokers are the middlemen between borrowers and lenders, helping borrowers find the best mortgage rate and terms for their individual needs. Mortgage brokers are experts in the mortgage lending process, and they can save borrowers time and money when it comes to obtaining financing for a home purchase or … Read More

Are you curious about Hard Money Loans?

December 21, 2022By software supportBusiness

Curious about Hard Money Loans? Are you curious about Hard Money Loans? If the term “Hard Money Loan” makes you think of difficult or hard-to-complete business deals, you could not be more off the mark.  Hard money loans are for people in need of fast cash and a less stringent approval process.  However, just because … Read More

What is the Fintech Revolution?

December 13, 2022By software supportBusiness

Fintech is a term used to describe upcoming technology that seeks to improve and automate the use of financial services. According to Wikipedia. Fintech is firms using new technology to compete with traditional financial methods to deliver financial business services. Whatever definition we use, the industry has welcomed the fintech revolution as significant players seek … Read More

What Does a Loan Processor Do?

February 6, 2022By software supportBusiness

What Does a Loan Processor Do? Mortgage processors are critical to the process of a home loan.  They interview loan applicants, conduct background checks, manage loan pipelines and verify references. Processors review loan documents and transactional information between borrowers, sellers and the lender. They also prepare, review and double-check mortgage applications and other paperwork for … Read More

Unsecured Line of Credit vs SBA 7a Loan

September 4, 2021By software supportBusiness

Unsecured Line of Credit vs SBA 7a Loan Unsecured Line of Credit Sometime a business can succeed by obtaining revolving business credit lines on your business’ behalf. These lines are Unsecured Revolving Business Credit Accounts that for the most part do not report to your personal credit. Funding ranges between $25K-$100K with a pre-approval amount … Read More