Fintech is a term used to describe upcoming technology that seeks to improve and automate the use of financial services. According to Wikipedia. Fintech is firms using new technology to compete with traditional financial methods to deliver financial business services. Whatever definition we use, the industry has welcomed the fintech revolution as significant players seek ways to maximize profits in the financial sector. There is even a Fintech magazine devoted to helping small businesses.

Technology changes how people view the world and handle their finances. With the explosion of new financial technology, real estate investors with less experience now have access to the tools they need to track and manage a portfolio of residential and commercial loans.

The fintech revolution is also changing customer expectations. Clients today are sophisticated and expect software to meet their needs. Customers expect their financial service firms to be quick and affordable, putting pressure on fintech providers to lower costs as much as possible. This is where Fintech comes into play.

Fintech provides the digital solutions businesses demand, such as real-time customer portal access to their loan details. Fintech technologies will continue transforming the financial industry by increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Captafi has positioned itself as part of the fintech revolution by offering affordable web-based loan tracking solutions for residential and commercial lenders. With future software releases scheduled to include credit repair and debt consolidation software, we are giving our clients the tools they need to be successful.