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CaptaFi is cloud-based software designed specifically for the legal and financial services industry. It is used by various professionals, including loan originators, bankruptcy attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, loan agents, and more.

What Makes CaptaFi Different From Other CRMs/Agency Management Systems?
Unlike generic CRMs and Management Software, CaptaFi has been specifically designed and built with your industry in mind.  We listened to experts like you to create CaptaFi, and we'll keep listening to make future improvements.  Join us in shaping the future of financial services software!

Why Choose CaptaFi?
CaptaFi is not just software; it's a game-changer for professionals in the financial and legal industries.   Our application has helped manage close to a million records in our history, and here's how CaptaFi can revolutionize your workflow:

Integrated CRM and Management: Streamline client management, track case progress, and manage documents in one place.

Secure and Compliant: Ensure your data is safe with top-notch encryption and compliance with industry standards.

Efficient Communication: Benefit from built-in phone systems and e-signature capabilities to enhance client interactions.

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What Our Users Are Saying

“CaptaFi has transformed our loan origination business. The setup was simple, and the software is a pleasure to use. It’s reliable and makes processing loans a breeze!”
Gabriel B., MCapital Holdings

“Excellent customer support and functionality. The document portal is especially beneficial for secure client communication.”
Michael M., Financial Services

How CaptaFi Can Help You

  • Client Management: Store and organize client information, track interactions (calls, emails, meetings), and facilitate collaboration between teams and clients – all within a secure platform.
  • Industry Versatility: CaptaFi caters to a broad spectrum of financial service professionals, including loan originators, mortgage brokers, attorneys (various specializations), and potentially expanding to debt resolution specialists. This allows them to adapt their services based on economic situations.
  • Built-in Tools: Enhance workflow efficiency with features like e-signatures, document management, and a basic phone system.
  • Cloud-based and User-friendly: Accessible from any device and designed for ease of use by professionals with varying technical backgrounds.
  • Cost-effective: Aims to be an affordable CRM solution compared to other options in the financial services industry.

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FREE 14 Day Trial - No Credit Card Required - Cancel Anytime

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$5.00 / user / monthManage Residential Loans


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Check out how CaptaFi works; there is no better video than our "Get started" video to get an insight into CaptaFi's features and get a sense of how CaptaFi can work for you.

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Quick FAQ.

Q: How secure is CaptaFi? A: CaptaFi uses advanced encryption and adheres to industry compliance standards to ensure your data is protected.

Q: Can I integrate CaptaFi with other software? A: Yes, CaptaFi offers API integration, making it easy to connect with your existing systems.

Q: What kind of support does CaptaFi offer? A: Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.


For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ section.