Mortgage Compliance Laws for Brokers

February 1, 2023By software supportMortgage Broker

Introduction Mortgage compliance laws for brokers are an essential part of the mortgage industry, as it helps to protect consumers from predatory lending practices and ensures that lenders operate in a responsible manner. Mortgage compliance ensures that lenders, mortgage brokers, and other financial services providers abide by the laws and guidelines related to the origination, … Read More

Common Mistakes Mortgage Brokers Make

January 12, 2023By software supportMortgage Broker, Uncategorized

Introduction to common mistakes mortgage brokers make Mortgage brokers are essential to the home-buying process. They create loan pipelines by connecting borrowers and lenders to facilitate funding for mortgages. But growing a successful loan pipeline isn’t easy.  There are common mistakes that mortgage brokers often make that can negatively impact their success. Here are some … Read More